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Sherry Triffle
« on: December 24, 2020, 02:17:26 PM »
Sherry Triffle

4-8 Trifle sponges (1 box)
1 or 2 tins of sliced peaches
1 pack of strawberry flavour jelly
Custard Powder (not instant)
1 pint of milk (low calorie option use skimmed)
300 - 600ml double cream
Generous sprinkling of sugar strands to garnish
Generous amount of sherry (best using Croft Original of Harveys Bristol Cream)
2 tablespoons of sugar (for the custard)

Tear up the sponges and place in the bottom of a deep glass dish. ADD THE SHERRY NEXT and don't be shy with it - just pour slowly from the bottle until the sponge is soaked. Don't pour it in so they float or your guests will need a taxi home! Set to one side. (5 mins)

Open the tin(s) of peaches and drain off the syrup. You don't need to be perfect draining it off, just get rid of most of it. Pour the peaches onto the sponge and arrange evenly if necessary. (2 mins)

Make the jelly to the instructions on the packet. A little water in a microwaveable jug with the jelly - 1 min on full power - mix it thoroughly and make it up to a pint with cold water is the usual trick. When fully mixed, pour slowly over the sherry sponge and peaches. Help it set by refrigerating it for a few hours. (2-3 hours)

Once the jelly is set, make the custard to the directions on the packaging. It needs to be fairly thick custard to allow it to set. I find it better to make from custard powder using milk rather than using instant powder or ready made stuff. If you make your own from scratch even better. Make about a pint of custard and prepare on the hob. Once thickened, transfer it to a plastic bowl or jug and stir until cool. This may take a while but it stops skin forming over the surface and allows even cooling. Once cooled, pour slowly over the set jelly and refrigerate to help it set. The surface of the custard may crack but this is nothing to worry about. (2-3 hours). I find it best to prep to this stage the day before.

Once the custard has set, the trifle is ready for the cream topping. Double cream is fine to use - whip it up until it is at the soft peak stage. Don't let it go too far, but it's no great problem if it does. Scoop the cream over the top of the custard and cover the whole trifle using a spatula (or a spoon). Finish it off with a generous sprinkling of sugar strands and refrigerate for about 20 mins before serving.


It does take time for everything to set so give yourself plenty. It is worth it. A simple pudding that works out at around 350 calories for a decent sized serving. (I try to work out the values by adding the kcal of the ingredients and dividing by the number of portions the dish provides so it is only a rough guide).